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Our Projects

Orchestral Kids
Bringing live classical music to schools.
ACO sponsored 
programs give students a chance to learn more about the classical masters, as well as the role of strings and woodwinds in some of today’s pop music and movie scores. 


Grove Elementary School, Port St. Lucie
    –  Gunter Trio & Flutist, Ashley Alarcon
Pinewood Elementary, Stuart
   – Gunter Trio & Flutist, Ashley Alarcon
Vero Beach Elementary, Vero Beach
   – Gunter Trio & Flutist, Ashley Alarcon  
Warfield Elementary, Stuart
   –  Guest Artists Brasil Guitar Duo & Maestro David Amadeo

Coaching the Classics with Maestro Amado
The Atlantic Classical Orchestra is proud to provide professional coaching as part of its Educational Outreach.  Individuals and ensembles from Vero Beach to Palm Beach are able to benefit from the talents and knowledge of our own Maestro David Amado and musicians of the Atlantic Classical Orchesta.

Vero Beach High School, Vero Beach