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Orchestral Kids

What better way to teach children about classical music then to let them experience it LIVE!  The Atlantic Classical Orchestra sponsors various artists and groups to teach young students in area schools about composers and their music through interactive group assemblies.

Students will get a chance to learn more about the classical masters, as well as the role of strings and woodwinds in some of today’s pop music and movie scores.

The Orchestral Kids program is the perfect enhancement to music education.  Customized repertoire and class discussion is available to help reinforce current lessons in the classroom.

Programs are available for students K-8 and advanced reservations are required.

Interested?  Contact us via the form below.

Enrich Your Students

Bring Orchestral Kids To Your Classroom

You Make The Music And The Learning Happen.

Music plays a vital role in the many aspects of a child’s life. From increased concentration and math skills, to motivation and self-esteem.

Bringing music education to the children of our area can’t be done alone.  Please consider supporting an ACO Educational Outreach Program. Your donation will help to bring new musicians into the classroom, providing area students an opportunity to engage in live classical music up close and personal.


Or phone the Atlantic Classical Orchestra
Office at 772 .460. 0850