Behind the Curtain Series: The Flute Summons . Flute Quartet

In the month of March, ACO musicians celebrate the timeless allure of the flute, an instrument cherished since ancient times—from the days of the ancient Egyptians and mythological satyrs to shepherds and Janissaries.


Join ACO musicians for a very special education program that breaks down the process of putting together a chamber concert. Held in January, February, and March, these sessions provide a unique learning experience of how these professionals prepare individually, and how they work together (without a conductor!) to bring some of the most beautiful music ever written to life. Each session includes a Q&A and ends with the performance of one piece from their entire program.

Seating is limited. Event is free of charge.

This Chautauqua South event is sponsored by the Friends of the Martin County Library System, Inc.

Christina Apelgren, flute
Aleksandr Zhuk, violin
Kaitlin Seto, viola
Ashley Garritson, cello

The flute has been around from the ancient Egyptians and mythological satyrs to shepherds and Janissaries – it is an instrument loved for its pure, sweet sounds, its agility, and its singing nature. Mozart and Beethoven exploit these qualities in two works putting the flute front and center.


Date and Time
March 16, 2024
11:00 am

12:30 pm