Ticket Donations & Exchanges

At the Atlantic Classical Orchestra, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances may arise, impacting your ability to attend a scheduled concert.

To accommodate your needs, we offer convenient options for Masterworks ticket exchanges and donations.

Donate Your Tickets
If you find yourself unable to attend a performance, you can choose to donate the value of your tickets to support the orchestra’s artistic endeavors, and in return, receive a tax donation receipt for your contribution.

If you wish to attend another Masterworks concert at the same or different venue within the current season, we provide the flexibility to exchange your tickets for seats in the same or a similar section, ensuring you don’t miss out on the musical experience.

Just Release Your Seats
For those who are unable to utilize their seats and do want a donation receipt, we welcome the option to release them, allowing others the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting performances of the Atlantic Classical Orchestra.